Knoxville In The Civil War

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Knoxville sits nestled in the extraordinary natural beauty of the Tennessee River Valley. For four long years, from 1861 to 1865, this idyllic setting was racked by some of the harshest experiences of the entire Civil War. Armies, battles, famous generals, partisans, and thousands of troops from every state North and South made their mark on the region, leaving a rich military history. However, it was the people of this genuinely American city whose divided loyalties forced families, schools, churches, financial stability, and literally all aspects of community to opposite sides of the deadly conflict. Civil war means that people, not just designated armies, become sworn enemies. In this close-knit small town, there was nowhere to hide from this vicious reality. The population of Knoxville suffered intensely, and the trauma of those punishing times can still be felt in its 21st-century cultural identity.